Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays Manhattan Beach CAUnlike the dental x-rays of days past, today’s x-ray procedures no long require dangerous radiation exposure. Today, your dentist can get a closer look at your jaw and teeth more quickly and safely than ever before. For more information on digital x-rays, please read the guide that we have put together below.

What are the advantages of digital x-rays?

Digital x-rays are superior to the traditional film x-rays of the past in many ways. The require 90% less radiation exposure than film x-rays and do not require your dentist to mix and use toxic and caustic chemicals in their office. Additionally, digital x-rays take much less time to develop, and your dentist can view your x-rays in a matter of minutes. This allows them to identify any existing problems and begin treatment much sooner, which can prevent more extensive damage and tooth decay. They can also allow you to view your x-rays as well, giving you additional opportunities to ask questions and acquire a more thorough understanding of your overall dental health. This also allows you to be more informed about any dental issues and treatments you may be experiencing. Finally, digital x-rays make the process of submitting duplicates to your insurance company a much easier process.

How to digital x-rays work?

To take a digital x-ray, your dentist will place a tiny camera inside your mouth. This camera will take pictures of your teeth, tooth structure, tooth roots, gums, and the supporting bones surrounding your teeth. These images can be viewed almost immediately, allowing your dentist to discuss and plan any necessary treatments and areas of concern. This process is great for patients and dental professionals who are busier but still wish to maintain the highest quality of patient care.

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