Dental Veneers

Friday, May 24th, 2013

Dental VeneersAre you one of those people who avoids showing their teeth when smiling for photographs? Do you try to keep your mouth covered when laughing or talking with friends because you’re afraid your smile doesn’t look the way that it should? If your smile isn’t as bright and white as you want it to be, and other dental treatments haven’t worked, dental veneers may be the right treatment for you. Dental veneers consist of a material shell that is colored to the shade of a naturally healthy, white tooth and placed over your existing teeth with permanent adhesive. They look and feel just like regular teeth, and give you a smile that you’ll be proud to show to the world.

Which types of issues can dental veneers treat?

Dental veneers can treat a variety of cosmetic dentistry issues. While teeth whitening treatments are designed to treat only discolored or stained teeth, dental veneers can fix issues such as gaps in between teeth, as well as teeth that have been broken, chipped, or cracked. Teeth that have been discolored due to the extended use of medications such as tetracycline, as well as teeth that are misaligned, irregularly shaped, or worn down can be treated with dental veneers. In addition to giving you the white and healthy-looking smile you’ve always wanted, dental veneers can even strengthen your teeth. Unlike a simple teeth whitening, veneers are stain resistant, so you don’t have to worry about your teeth losing their brilliance when you eat or drink.

What is involved in getting dental veneers?

Before your dentist can fit you with dental veneers, they will first need to repair any existing dental problems that the veneers cannot fix. A mold of your teeth will be made and sent off to a dental laboratory that will custom-make your dental veneers to fit your teeth. After one to two weeks, you’ll return to your dentist’s office here at Manhattan Beach Dental Center where your veneers will be placed on your teeth and trimmed and shaped as needed. Your dentist will then prep your teeth for the veneers by removing a bit of the enamel after applying a local anesthetic. Once this is done, the dental adhesive cement will be applied, and the veneers will be bonded to your teeth. A special light is used to quickly dry the cement in this step.

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