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When people think of dentistry, they generally imagine procedures involved with general dentistry. While general dentistry concentrates on ensuring proper oral hygiene practices and the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of oral disease, cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving the look of your teeth and smile. General and family dentistry mainly revolves around dental problems that require treatment to ensure the patient’s optimum health. Cosmetic dentistry focuses mainly on elective treatments and services in order to improve a patient’s aesthetic appearance. While it may sound superficial, the right cosmetic dentistry procedure can have a profound impact on the way you feel, boosting your confidence and providing benefits you may not have considered.

That’s not to say that cosmetic dentistry can’t also provide restorative benefits. For example, in the past dental fillings were made from a metal amalgam, gold, or other material that left teeth with unnatural-looking dark spots. Today, receiving a dental filling may be considered a cosmetic dentistry procedure. In today’s dental offices, you can have your fillings made from porcelain or composites that mat the natural look of your other teeth. These fillings look so natural, in fact, many people are choosing to have their old fillings replaced with new, more natural-looking fillings in order to enhance their smile’s appearance. Other cosmetic dentistry procedures may include teeth whitening, dental veneers, and even an entire smile makeover. There are a number of possibilities open to patients today, and the ease and speed of some of these procedures may just surprise you.

Are You a Candidate for Cosmetic Dentistry?

Before our Manhattan Beach Cosmetic Dentist Jim Kline DDS can determine if cosmetic dentistry is right for you, they will first need to evaluate the overall health of your teeth and gums. Good oral health comes first, of course, so we will first take a look at your gums, the bone structure that supports your teeth, and your bite. All of these things can have an impact on what types of cosmetic dentistry procedures that we are able to perform. If there are any corrective procedures that need to be performed to ensure your optimum health, these will be performed first, before any cosmetic procedures are discussed or outlined. After all, your health is far more important that your appearance! Once this has been done and our dental staff has determined that your overall oral health is in good condition, we can then begin to build a customized treatment plan that will help you improve your smile in meaningful, significant ways that can improve the way that you look and feel.