Can Flossing Create Pocket Gaps?

Pocket gaps are signs of gingivitis or gum problems. There are many causes of pocket gaps and one of them is an improper way of flossing. As long as it is done properly, flossing will not create pocket gaps.

Dental Plaque

Flossing can prevent dental plaque. The bacteria in dental plaque can result in the inflammation of your soft tissues. And if the inflammation is not stopped, it can cause gingivitis. It can be reversed through good oral hygiene, though.

If gingivitis is not treated properly, it can destroy supporting soft tissue. Eventually, it destroys the bone holding the tooth’s socket. With the help of dental floss, dental plaque can be gradually removed.

As regards to the number of times to floss, there is no established recommended frequency yet. However, plaque formation is actually a continuous process. That said, daily flossing is highly recommended to achieve optimal oral health.

Those who do not floss are more likely to experience gum problems and bone loss than those who are flossing regularly. But because flossing can be destructive if you are doing it the wrong way, you should perform this routine adequately and precisely.

When flossing, it is ideal to saw it through the contact point and avoid snapping it through. Doing it will prevent lacerating the gum tissue, thereby, avoiding your gums to get hurt. You should only bring the floss to the base of your tooth. Pull it tight against your tooth before you pull it away from the base.

However, some people do not respond equally to flossing. Then again, removing any food debris can minimize chances of suffering from an inflammatory reaction. There are some groups of people who are more prone to tooth decay and gum disease. These are people who do not produce more quality saliva.

What is the importance of saliva in preventing gum disease?

The role of saliva in preventing gum disease is to provide protective fluids within your mouth. For that reason, patients who are undergoing chemotherapy that affects the production of saliva in the mouth must pay attention to their oral hygiene.

Another thing to consider is the acid regurgitation, which is also a contributing factor to gum pockets and tooth decay. With too much acid in the mouth, it can create a perfect environment for bacteria to thrive.

At night, your mouth is closed, thereby creating an ideal environment for bacteria. That said, it is highly recommended that you brush and floss before sleeping.

Can flossing be bad?

Yes, flossing can be bad if you are doing it improperly. Inadequate or improper flossing will not only remove bacteria from your teeth, but it will also cause bacteria to thrive under your gums. A pocket is a space between your gum and tooth.

With years of having dental plaque and not removing it can cause your gum lines to recede or pull away from your teeth, resulting in the formation of gum pockets or spaces. These pockets can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

When dental plaque is not adequately removed, it can cause hidden infection. Flossing alone will not remove dental plaque. For that reason, you need to see your dentist regularly to undergo professional dental cleaning to remove the plaque on your teeth and under your gums.

Dental plaque cannot be broken up with a piece of string alone. It must be removed with an advanced tool.

On the other hand, if it is too difficult for you to perform traditional flossing, an oral irrigator may be carried out. It is also known as a water flosser. This type of flossing applies a pulsating water in your mouth to wash away plaque in those hard to reach places.

An oral irrigator is ideal for those who are using a dental appliance, like braces or implants. The latest version of an oral irrigator can effectively remove and prevent gum pockets for orthodontic patients. But it must be used along with brushing.

Are you finding it difficult to floss properly?

As mentioned earlier, flossing can cause or create pocket gaps if done improperly. Here at Manhattan Beach Dental Center, we aim to help our patients to learn how to floss the right away. During your dental checkup with us, we will work with you and teach you techniques about how to improve your flossing activity. If you insist on using an oral irrigator, we can also train you on how to use it properly.

Whichever flossing method you choose, it is important that you incorporate flossing or irrigation and brushing in your daily routine. These are necessary for removing plaque and preventing them from building up to the point of causing gum pockets.

Ideally, you should brush and floss once every 24 hours. If you do not have a perfect time to floss, trying doing it while you are stuck in traffic or do it while you are holding a phone at some point. It is not sexy. It is not truly. But it is actually way sexier than having a smelly mouth and gum disease.

If your gum problem is severe, however, your dentist may suggest a surgical treatment to reduce gum pockets. The reshaping of bone and gum may also be performed. There are various options that can treat gum disease available at your dentist’s clinic. That is why, you should always visit your dentist regularly to know if you have gum disease.

To know the right away to floss that will not cause gum pockets, visit our experts at the Manhattan Beach Dental Center.

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