Can Apples Cause Yellow Teeth?

Many of our patients at Manhattan Beach Dental Center ask this common question, “Do apples yellow teeth?” It is true that eating certain foods can damage your teeth, but only depending on how you eat them.

Apples are healthy foods. But can they actually yellow your teeth?

Studies showed that apples and other foods could yellow and damage your teeth when you eat them slowly because of the natural acids present in them. The acid wears away at your tooth enamel, resulting in becoming thinner and exposing the yellow dentin below the surface. In addition to causing yellow teeth, this can also cause your teeth to be more sensitive.

However, apples and other foods are not the only things that could cause yellow teeth and make them sensitive to hot or cold drinks. Some diseases could also wear your tooth enamel. One of them is acid re-flux disease, a medical condition that causes severe dental issues as it produces too much acid in the stomach that can travel to the mouth. It will result in wearing away the enamel.

How to protect your teeth?

After eating an apple or any acidic foods, it is a good idea to wait for 30 minutes before brushing your teeth. Brushing your teeth immediately can scrub away the enamel. Although enamel is hard, an acid attack can soften it.

Alleviating Yellow Teeth

If you have yellow teeth because of eating acidic foods, you can undergo tooth whitening at Manhattan Beach Dental Center. Tooth whitening can brighten your smile, bringing back its original appeal.

Tooth whitening treatments at Manhattan Beach Dental Center are safe and effective. You can opt to have an at-home treatment or in-office solution.

To keep your teeth white and bright, you should eat fewer acidic foods and beverages. We recommend drinking acidic beverages through a straw. Avoid swishing acidic drinks in your mouth.

When you visit our clinic, we can give you recommendations or a dental care regimen that is appropriate for your case to avoid acid erosion and yellowing of teeth. However, it is important to note that yellow teeth are common as you age.

Never give up on healthy foods. Just because apples can cause yellow teeth, it is not a good idea to stop eating them. Apples and citrus fruits are common examples of food that can discolor your teeth. However, they are great for your body. Do not stop eating them altogether. Instead, rinse your mouth with water after eating them. Doing so will help remove the acid from your mouth. After 30 minutes, you can brush your teeth as you normally would.

You should also undergo regular dental checkup with your dentist. At Manhattan Beach Dental Center, we recommend visiting your dentist at least twice a year to find out whether or not you have tooth decay. Your dentist can also suggest the things that you can do to avoid yellow teeth and acid erosion.

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